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Arizona is a great place for Hispanic Americans to find job opportunities. The state has seen significant growth in the number of Hispanic-owned businesses, with more than 17% of all business owners identifying as Hispanic or Latino in 2016 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Arizona also offers numerous government programs aimed at helping minorities obtain jobs and training, such as the Business Expansion Program (BEP) which provides assistance to small businesses statewide.

Employment opportunities for Hispanic Americans are especially abundant in certain industries like construction, hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture. Arizona’s proximity to Mexico means that many border cities rely heavily on the labor of Mexican immigrants, making it one of the most important states in the country for agricultural work. According to Forbes, the hospitality industry is Arizona’s second-largest sector for employment and is made up of more than 60% Hispanic workers.

Those seeking jobs in healthcare or medical fields have plenty of opportunities as well. Arizona has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of doctors and other health professionals, providing many jobs to those with a degree or certification in the field. Additionally, Spanish-speaking nurses are especially in demand due to the ever-growing number of Hispanics living and working in Arizona today.

Despite its many job opportunities for Hispanic Americans, Arizona still lags behind other states when it comes to economic equality between minorities and nonminorities. To address this issue, organizations like Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) have been established to offer employment services, job-readiness programs, and educational opportunities for at-risk Hispanic youth. Through initiatives like these, Arizona is slowly but surely becoming a place of opportunity and success for all its citizens.

By taking advantage of the many resources the state has to offer, Hispanic Americans in Arizona can find meaningful jobs that support their families and help them thrive in the community. With good wages and equal rights in the workplace, more Hispanics are beginning to pursue their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their children. Arizona is an excellent place to start a career or business — no matter your cultural background.

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