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Ohio is an ideal place for Hispanic Americans looking to further their career goals. The state boasts a diverse economy and plenty of job opportunities to help citizens grow in their professional lives.

Across Ohio, there are various positions available ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. In the areas of education and health services, employment growth is expected to outpace the national average with a 9.5% increase in job opportunities according to the Employment Projections Program from 2017-2026. This will lead to an additional 77,771 jobs in the sector for Hispanic Americans.

Healthcare is also a growing industry in Ohio with many job openings available to Hispanic Americans. From entry-level positions to management-level roles, there are a variety of jobs for those with medical backgrounds or experience in healthcare administration. Additionally, the state provides a great opportunity for bilingual individuals to help bridge the language gap between English and Spanish-speaking patients.

Manufacturing is also an important part of the Ohio economy, and Hispanic Americans are benefiting from a surge in job opportunities. With many new factories opening in the state, there is a range of positions from welding to production management. At the same time, the state is investing in training programs for Hispanic Americans to ensure they have the skills to take advantage of these opportunities.

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